BIP SYSTEMS VIETNAM Co., Ltd (BIPSV) was established in November 2007 by 100% capital of  BIP SYSTEMS CORPORATION JAPAN, With a core teams of very experienced Japanese IT experts and the Vietnamese  talented  engineers, BIPSV aims to make  effort of satisfying customers  not only in Japan, Viet nam but also customers worldwide with high quality products and services.
    Although the world economic crisis is undergoing seriously but Information Technology (IT) should be indispensable to the development of society. Crisis situation itself requires IT systems with more function – convenient – high quality & cost effective. As "Contribute to social development and advancement and fully satisfy  customers’ various demands" is our mission statement, we are determined to direct BIPSV to become one of top IT companies in the field of software development and IT solutions in Vietnam.
    BIPSV is a young and small team; however, with fully supported, interactive & technical exchange from our Japan head office, we are able to carry out almost complicated project. As our mother company is well known to Japanese major companies and have earned the trust as a mid-level Software development partner company in Japan, BIPSV also inherited in the DNA of the parent company. We have not only built a team that able to respond quickly and flexibly to our customer demand but also inherited the commitment to quality and technology of the parent company, hoping to growing with our customers.
    Most of our engineer used to work and training in Japan for at least one year, Therefore, there will be no more confusion or misunderstanding while implement offshore project Furthermore, for IT service which especially needs tight accordance and synchronization with its counterpart system in Japan, we will provide customers with the most optimal solutions according to the customer's delicate requirements by studying with customers. 
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