The Website that contains online sales and products, there is a need to update the information and content of product images and about product information at any time.

However the owner of Website does not qualify to request an update of the Website to Web developer frequently.

Even without knowledge of Web coding professional, owner of Website must be able to perform on their own update, add and delete of the products.

How do we realize it?

It is said CMS (Contents management system) that is to achieve those functions. We can provide this system to our customer. 

This CMS is easy web management system from (back-end) screen that your staff will be able to update, add and delete your Website contents at any time.

Open source CMS such as Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress... are used as a CMS with existing many Website.

We also develop RYO full custom system that can respond to severe customer request such as security and ease of use.

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